Hello, I'm Ian Ference, a traveling modern ruins photographer who primarily studies America's abandoned architecture. I've been traversing ruined buildings for about 22 years now; I started young! For over nine years now, I have run a blog, The Kingston Lounge, in which I pair sets of photos taken on my adventures with historical context for the sites I study.

After a major solo exhibition in 2010 and a significant amount of international attention in 2011 for my blog post on North Brother Island, I started concentrating on this project full time, while also beginning another project photographing artistic nudes in abandoned buildings. I was recently turned on to the idea of using SmugMug as a platform for displaying my work, both so I could show a lot more of it, and so I could sell non-limited-edition prints to my buyers at about half the price - when you don't have to deal with printing and shipping, you don't need to charge as much!

Currently, I am working in conjunction with People Inc. Press on my first monograph, focused on Buffalo State Hospital, and will be featuring some teasers here on SmugMug - so keep checking back! The book is due out in late 2014.

So to those here to browse, I hope you enjoy seeing the forgotten world through my lens, and for those here to find some new art for your walls, I hope you see something that you like. And of course, I always welcome emails from anybody interested in what I do - or who wants to give me a tip on a cool building nearby!